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Sydnee Capri’s Oiled Black Ass

Posted by BootyLicker on May 16th, 2011

Sydnee Capri - Oiled Black Ass
Damn fine black girl over here, fellas. Sydnee Capri has caught my eye more than once with that massive ebony booty of hers. She likes to show that big juicy ass off and make all the guys hard and horny, which is exactly what happens to me every time I see that bubbly thing. I like that black booty even more when it’s drenched in oil, which is what this guy does to it in this Round N Brown porn video.

Sydnee Capri gets her gorgeous ebony ass oiled up and rubbed till it’s shining and glistening in the summer sun. After lots of ass worship, Sydnee gets her tight black pussy fucked hard right there by the pool. Damn, I would love to plant my cock in that coochie…with that delicious phat ass rippling as I fuck her. If you like curvy black ladies with awesome bubble butt asses, you need to check this video out like yesterday, my friends.


Big Ass Booty Basketball

Posted by BootyLicker on May 7th, 2011

Aryana Adin - Big Ass Booty
There’s not much in the world that’s hotter than a big booty black babe playing basketball in tight shorts. I mean, all that ass flesh jiggling around the court is enough to make me spurt like crazy. Aryana Adin is a curvy booty babe who likes B-Ball, so she joined this lucky white guy for a game of one-on-one. Damn, that juicy bubbly booty looks so fine. The guy thinks so too, because he takes Aryana back to his place and goes to town on that delicious round ass in this porn video.

It’s called “She Scores”, but it’s the guy who really scores a major one here. He gets to plant his face in that big round butt and lick that gorgeous thing until Aryana is cooing and begging for his big cock. He gives it to her, and she loves every inch of that thing. She sucks him nice and sloppy, then gets aboard for the carnal ride of her life. He really pounds her into the couch, and you can tell she loves it. That big juicy ass jiggles happily during the fucking. This video made me cum like a millions times. Don’t even know if my balls still work.


Black Booty Babe Reyna Staxxx

Posted by BootyLicker on March 5th, 2011

Reyna Staxxx - Big Black Booty
This girl is a real black booty babe, if I’ve ever seen one. That phat ass is looking mighty fine to me, and it looks even better when Reyna is bouncing on some guy’s lap taking hard cock. The guys at Round N Brown agree with me about the bootylicious nature of Reyna’s curvy form, so they put her in this video called “Sweat Box” where they have her shake that big round ass for the camera and show us just how awesome that black butt really is.

After they worship Reyna’s fantastic booty with proper thoroughness, they put a big cock in her face and to work she goes. Reyna Staxxx is one of the best blowjob queens in the whole world of big ass porn, so you know this is gonna rock. But the best part is when she gets that cock shoved into her tight black pussy…that big juicy ass just jiggles and ripples all over the place. You guys have got to see this porn video, it’s a real keeper.


Big Black Ass

Posted by BootyLicker on July 25th, 2009

Big Black Ass on America Moore
Jeezy Weezy, I am just fucking loving all these new curvy big butt chicks that are flooding into porn right now. This particular one, America Moore, is a terribly hot black beauty who’s got such a big round black ass, it’s making me sweat. America apparently loves to take dick, which is quite obvious to anyone who watches this video from Round N Brown. She’s lounging by the pool, sunning her gorgeous curvy body, when this white guy strolls in and offers to make her day a little brighter than it already is. A big smile comes across America Moore’s pretty face and the dude introduces her to his not so little friend. She goes crazy on that cock, sucking him down nice and deep. When he finally gets his cock into her wet pussy, you know by the look on his face that it is an extremely pleasant place to be. He fucks her hard right there by the water and her big black ass shakes and bounces like crazy. She must’ve cum a dozen times, you can really tell that this big booty girl loves getting fucked!


Ebony Anal Booty

Posted by BootyLicker on July 7th, 2009

Ebony Anal
Nothing like watching a phat ebony booty take a big dick nice and deep into its deepest recesses. This extremely hot black babe named Brown Suga (or Nazar, as she sometimes goes by) has got a perfect big ol booty that seems to hunger for cock to be thrust into it. She gets picked up by this white guy during a game of tennis and they hit it off. They decide to go indoors to get better acquainted and that’s when the real fun of the day starts up. He immediately starts examining Brown Suga’s huge black booty while she frees his rigid cock from his pants. Lots of very hot sucking and fucking later, this ebony beauty takes his dick deep up her big ass in an anal sex spectacular that will leave you with mouth agape. Don’t miss this one.

Juicy Black Butts

Posted by BootyLicker on July 7th, 2009

Juicy Black Butts
Satin Lace is a terribly sexy big booty black girl who’s got a serious lust for cock that I’ve seen few other times. She’s curvy and her big black butt makes me want to spooge all over it. In this porn video for Round and Brown, she joins a sexy gal pal of hers, who’s got a fantastically hot bubbly butt herself, for a romp with a white dude who’s got a huge cock that he’s desperate to sink very deep into the tight pussies of these black ladies. They show up in a couple of the tiniest swimsuits I think I’ve ever seen, with their juicy tits falling out and their massive asses perfectly exposed. After copius amounts of appropriate ass worship, the girls go to town on the white guy, sucking his huge cock as far down as they can go. Then, they get on that monster and ride him while their big black butts just jiggle happily. I’m tellling you, this is a hot video.