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Ava Rose Mega Whooty

Posted by BootyLicker on July 1st, 2014

Ava Rose Whooty
One of the hottest, curviest, and most fuckable whooty queens in the history of porn has got to be Ava Rose. I’ve been into this chick for quite a long while now, but I was really blown away by this video of hers I found while surfing an xnxx tube the other day. Reality Kings, I have to say, is responsible for some of Ava’s hottest porn scenes, and this one she did for their Monster Curves site is definitely a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

First of all, the phenomenal mega whooty that Ava possesses is put on fine display at the beginning of the video. Her glorious mounds of booty flesh get squeezed and adored for the camera, which is more than enough to blast any butt-loving guy’s penis to full attention. Soon, Ava begins to work a huge cock with her sexy mouth to prepare it for some deep pussy fucking. When he starts to plow her tight hole, her face lights up and you can really tell she’s getting off. There’s lots of great footage of her massive white ass jiggling wildly as she takes her pounding. Let me tell you, if you like big phat whooty girls, you really need to checkout the full video.

Valentina Nappi Assfucked

Posted by BootyLicker on April 11th, 2014

valentina nappi anal sex video
Italian girls really make my dick pop, especially due to their massive white asses. Yeah, across Europe, Italian women are well known to be the continent’s hottest booty babes. Valentina Nappi is a perfect example of Italian hot assery. She’s got a nice phat whooty that could make men cum buckets full of semen just by getting a look at it. Now, let me be clear….I’m no virgin when it comes to nice whooty asses. I watch some of the hottest whooty babes shake their stuff on live nude chat shows all the time. But Valentina’s plump white booty is something special, let me tell you. And the fact that she loves to get fucked in the ass in a big part of her allure.

In this video she did for Reality Kings, Valentina Nappi gets some serious anal sex laid down on her by a dude with a huge penis. He pops that missile of manhood deep inside her round butt and proceeds to plow her anally like she’s probably never experienced in her young life. Valentina definitely needs to start doing cam sex chat shows, so I can take her private and have that delicious ass all to myself. I don’t know, but this Italian super cutie might be one of the hottest big ass chicks to enter porn in quite a while. Check out her full video at RK, and be prepared to part with a whole lots of spooge!

Bubble Bath for Bubble Booty

Posted by BootyLicker on March 21st, 2014

bubble booty
I don’t know how much a guy thanks his creator after he gets to fuck the stuffing out of an ass like Jada Stevens’, but I think it’s a lot. This petite and super sexy booty babe has a whooty ass on her that makes my mouth water so much every time I see it, I usually end up flooding my apartment. I first found Jada taking huge cock in an xnxx porn video, and I was absolutely hooked on her after that. This chick has got all the right curves, and her insatiable lust for cock is something you just can’t believe until you see her in action.

One of the greatest things about miss Jada Stevens is how much she loves taking thick man meat up her bubbly round ass. I mean, this girl really loves anal sex. In this video, we get to see exactly how much, as Jada’s sexy butt gets impaled by the enormous cock of some guy named Voodoo right after a bubble bath. My dear lord, is this a sexy assfuck! You guys who love watching big butt sweethearts get nailed in the ass really have got to check this one out!

Whooty Anal Sex with Krissy Lynn

Posted by BootyLicker on July 3rd, 2012

krissy lynn anal sex
I just love white girls who are packing serious booty, don’t you? These whooty butts drive me absolutely crazy, and I really love watching them get fucked deep. Well, Krissy Lynn is a whooty babe who loves to get her juicy white booty fucked deep, and she definitely gets that in this video at Monster Curves. Krissy is a curvy masterpiece of human engineering. Her curves are delicious, but that big round ass is her best feature by far.

That gorgeous bubble butt gets oiled up and adored in this video, then she gets in a small pool and washes her great ass in anticipation of the deep anal pounding she’s about to receive. She is soon joined by Voodoo, a guy with a really big dick who loves to fuck whooty babes. Perfect for Krissy Lynn, and she takes that massive cock all the way up the ass and loves every minute of it! This whooty girl is absolutely off the hook, and I sure hope she does lots more porn videos for me to whack off to and enjoy. You guys should definitely not miss this one, so check out the free videos.

Caroline Pierce’s Super Booty

Posted by BootyLicker on September 2nd, 2011

Caroline Pierce Booty
This woman has just about the sexiest whooty in all the world. Caroline Pierce should be given some kind of award for nurturing that fantastically round and delicious white super booty. Her curves make my dick hard as turtle shells, and that face makes me want to cum just looking at it. I love to watch that legendary big ass in action, so it’s nice that I found this porn video at Monster Curves. They really put this hot bubble booty babe through the cock plow.

The video starts off with the sexy Caroline trying on various different pieces of lingerie in front of her horny boyfriend. He watches as she puts on lace panties which perfectly hug her gorgeous butt cheeks, and ends up with a massive boner. Suffice it to say that Caroline didn’t get to try on even most of her lingerie items because her boyfriend’s huge cock needed some servicing. Caroline goes straight to work on that monster cock while her hot round butt jiggles happily. The best action happens when she takes cock up her wet pussy and her round ass goes nuts, bouncing around like crazy. Very nice porn video and Caroline Pierce is at her hottest.


Blond Booty Babe Austin Taylor

Posted by BootyLicker on May 31st, 2011

Austin Taylor - Whooty Booty Babe
This woman has really turned me on for the last couple years, and I felt I had to share her with my loyal and horny blog readers when I spotted this new porn scene of hers over at Monster Curves. Austin Taylor is a gorgeous blond chick with an amazing big juicy booty that I can’t even describe in a way that does it justice. Austin is a total whooty superbabe, okay? That jiggly round ass makes the rest of the porn girls hang their heads in shame…they just can’t match it. Not only does the whooty on this girl make me salivate, but the face and tits are top notch as well.

I don’t even know what this babe is doing in porn, but I’m definitely glad she decided to go before the cameras to shake the booty. Austin gets her gorgeous form adored and worshiped by the camera in this video, and she ultimately takes a nice big cock deep inside her wet pussy. She gets fucked hard while that whooty booty ripples and bounces..just what I needed to blast my load clear across the room. You guys got to check this gorgeous booty babe out, she’s just amazing.


Big Monster White Ass

Posted by BootyLicker on May 12th, 2011

Nikki Sexx - Big White Ass
Hell yes, I am featuring the ungodly hot whooty babe Nikki Sexx on the blog! Damn, people, this girl has definitely awakened the sleeping giant that is my dick. Not too long ago, Nikki Sexx wasn’t allowing entrance to her juicy white booty. She said she didn’t like anal sex and wouldn’t do it on camera for anything in the world. Well, it looks like Nikki got over her anal aversion, cuz she’s taking fat tube steak up the ass like crazy these days. This porn video she did for Monster Curves has got to be one of her best anal videos.

She starts off by waving that monster white ass around and teasing the hell out of us while we salivate and await the booty pounding that we know is coming for her. When she gets a cock to play with, she goes right for it and sucks the guy into nirvana. Before we know it, he’s inserting that hard dick right up inside Nikki’s huge white ass and pumping her anally like a piston. This is some hot whooty anal sex footage, and Nikki is off the charts hot.


Cami Smalls – Juicy Whooty Girl

Posted by BootyLicker on May 11th, 2011

Cami Smalls - Big Ass Whooty Girl
Well, I just found this Cami Smalls chick over at Monster Curves, and I have to say, I think I’m falling in love. I don’t know if I want to live with her, but I definitely want that phat whooty in my face on a permanent basis. Cami is a petite white girl with a plump and juicy whooty ass that is a marvel of nature. When you see it, you just want to put your face right in the crack and slurp until the apocalypse rolls around.

In this porn video she did for MonsterCurves called “Rear Attitude”, Cami Smalls takes the fucking of her young life when this guy with a big dick decides he needs to pleasure that big fat ass. He pumps her tight white pussy while that gorgeous bubble whooty just jiggles like crazy and bounces off the walls. Cami looks amazing taking cock and you can tell she really likes the fucking she’s getting. Don’t miss this one, because this white girl has got it going on for sure!


Massive Whooty Porn

Posted by BootyLicker on May 5th, 2011

Briella Bounce - Massive Whooty
When have you guys seen a whooty butt this unbelievably massive? When I first saw this chick’s huge white booty, I almost came in my pants. I mean, this thing is gargantuan. Briella Bounce is the girl’s name, and she’s a whooty queen who’s packing the most delicious looking mega booty I’ve seen in a long time. The guys at Monster Curves found this phat ass cutie, and I’m forever in their debt as a result. Briella’s creamy curves are just too much…I want to fuck her like right now.

I don’t get to do that, unfortunately, but this lucky fucker with the big dick does. He plants his huge cock in Briella Bounce’s tight white pussy and nails her good. That phat butt jiggles nicely as he thrusts like an animal into that warm love hole (wouldn’t you?). Briella’s perfect whooty ass looks like a million bucks during the hardcore sex action, but when the guy cums all over her glorious round butt, that’s really the sight to behold. Look, you guys, Briella is one of the hottest mega booty babes to enter porn in a really long time, so you need to watch this porn video. It’s called “Bounce That Ass” and it’s available at MonsterCurves right now.


Whooty Babes on Pleasure Hike

Posted by BootyLicker on May 1st, 2011

Whooty Babes on Pleasure Hike
Okay, I usually go for massive phat booty chicks…you guys should know that by now. But, let me tell you, there’s a lot to love in some of these petite girls with plump bubble butts that look ripe as the juiciest fruit you’ve ever seen. Jada Stevens and Kristina Rose are two super sexy whooty babes who’ve got compact bodies, but nice plump rumps to play with. These hotties went on a little “Pleasure Hike” with this lucky fucker who’s packing a big dick, and you can imagine what happened out there.

Kristina Rose has been a favorite porn girl of mine for quite some time now, probably because she’s got a deep lust for cock that I’ve seen in very few other porn chicks. That delicious bubble butt booty of hers just drives me crazy, and there’s nothing in the world I’d like more than to fuck the crap out of it. Jada Stevens is so horny for cock, she’d probably sell her mother for it. Together, these two sexy whooty girls are totally on fire, so you need to see those jiggling asses in action pronto. Don’t miss this porn video at MonsterCurves…it’s a real piece of work.


Ava Rose and Brooke Lee Adams

Posted by BootyLicker on March 9th, 2011

Big Booty Babes Ava Rose & Brooke Lee Adams
These two big booty babes are seriously on fire these days. Ava Rose and Brooke Lee Adams are two of the hottest whooty porn chicks working in the big ass smutverse currently, and their fame will only increase with this porn video they did together for the site MonsterCurves. Ava Rose is a voluptuous big butt goddess with a body that won’t quit tempting you to fuck her brains out, and her gal pal Brooke is equally alluring. The two of them put their bikini-clad booties on display for the camera as they hang around the pool area.

Some guy’s making a barbecue and invites the two whooty babes to join him (yeah, I think that was probably a good decision). The rest is bubble butt porn history. Brook and Ava go straight to work on his huge cock, sucking that massive thing until he just can’t take anymore. He then starts fucking the gorgeous booty babes and fills their pussies with his donkey dong. The juicy asses on these girls just jiggle and bounce perfectly as they get their dickings. Very hot porn video and I definitely want an invite to the next barbecue these girls are at.


Va Va Voom Whooty

Posted by BootyLicker on March 8th, 2011

Sarah Vandella and Nicole Aniston Whooty
Well, I knew about the sexy whooty babe named Sarah Vandella. That curvy butt babe has been making my wet dreams very pleasant for some time now. But I definitely had never heard of Nicole Aniston, a bubbly assed blond sexpot who stars in this video, called “Va Va Voom,” with Sarah. Damn, these two blond bubble butt chicks could really set off some coronaries across the land with those amazingly plump and round white booties.

The girls take a nice bubble bath with each other and clean those tasty pussies for the action that is to come. They both take a massive cock in their tight coochies and those great asses jiggle and bounce all over the freaking room. Nicole Aniston’s ass, in particular, really turns me on in this video. I am so glad to welcome her to the world of big booty porn, and I hope she decides to stay for quite a while.


Tiffany Brookes Whooty Porn

Posted by BootyLicker on March 6th, 2011

Big Whooty Babe Tiffany Brookes
Hey, you guys need to check out this porn chick I just found over at Monster Curves. Tiffany Brookes is a white whooty babe with and phenomenal big juicy booty that makes my mouth water furiously. Tiffany’s big round ass is exactly the kind of bubble butt you wish every white girl had, instead of the flatlands that tend to predominate in that species of chickage. Well, Tiffany Brookes has no such problem, and her plump whooty ass is on display for all us butt lovers to watch and jerk off to in this porn video, called “Big Booty Brookes.”

The video starts with the sexy Tiffany trying on some black lingerie, which is quite alluring in itself. After lots of ass worship footage of that magnificent white butt, Tiff gets it on with this guy named Voodoo who’s got a very big dick for her. She sucks his massive cock and then gets her tasty looking wet pussy fucked nice and hard…just how she likes it. That phat ass whooty jiggles like crazy during the sex, and that’s exactly what I like to see. The whole porn video is a thing of beauty you guys really need to see.


Whooty Anal – Kelly Divine

Posted by BootyLicker on July 23rd, 2009

Whooty Anal - Kelly Divine
I just can’t get enough big white ass today, so I decided to do another whooty post. This time I’ve got Kelly Divine and her fine whooty ass taking thick cock for our viewing pleasure. Kelly is no stranger to anal sex action, since she’s been in numerous hot big booty assfucking videos that have nearly melted my computer monitor. But in this particular anal porn video, she’s definitely reached a new high of hotness. The video is called “Curves and Cum” and it’s from Monster Curves, a site that is responsible for many of my testicular soreness episodes of the past couple years. They got Kelly to take on two guys with big cocks in this video and she did it with pleasure. She sucked these dudes down nice and sloppy, then welcomed them into her tight pussy. She got fucked nice and deep, but she wanted cock in her ass, so she climbs aboard like a cowgirl and sits on one of the big dicks for a steaming anal sex session that will blow your lights out. Jeez, this whooty anal queen is loaded with energy and a deep seated lust for sex. I like!


Hot Booty Babe Takes Anal

Posted by BootyLicker on July 11th, 2009

Claire Dames Anal Video
Jeez, Claire Dames has got to possess one of the hottest whooties on the face of the fucking planet. It’s just so plump and juicy, I’d love to dive right into it. This curvy brunette has got a fantastic set of big tits too, but that phat ass is really what makes my cock hard as nails. In this big ass porn video for Monster Curves, Claire sets up a romantic evening for her and her well hung boyfriend that evolves into a torrid kitchen counter anal fucking that will make you blast cum all over your walls. Watching Claire Dames take anal is one of the best sights one can imagine, especially when her juicy butt jiggles and ripples like crazy as the guy is powerfully plowing that ass. Too hot to miss, dudes!